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The 2014 Holiday Schedule

For this year, we have decided to release our Holiday schedule early. The Art Store has had a great year! Our goal from year to year is to educate and offer the best customer service in the area. When your goals are as simple as these, how could you not have a good year!ty

As a celebration of this year, we are offering a few customer appreciation days before our big holiday sales days. This way you can use your saved up Art Store receipt coupons all in one day and be efficient with your shopping.  We know that many of you have been commenting that

"what do I do with these extra coupons?"

These customer appreciation days are for you. Nobody has ever said, "I have too many art materials" as an Artist so why not get them at discounted prices.

See the Art Store's holiday schedule below:

December's Art Store Customer Appreciation Days (Regular store hours on specific days) - Sunday the 21st to Wednesday the 24th - During these appreciation days our regular coupon policy will be lifted "of one 25% off receipt coupon usage per day per purchase". During this customer appreciation time, we will be offering an unlimited use of these 25% off receipt coupons per day. For each item purchased, the 25% off receipt coupon will be applied as long as you have a coupon for each item. Yes, if you have 10 coupons, and you wish to use all 10 coupons on the 10 items you are purchasing this is possible during this time. Don't like the crowds? Then find those coupons you have been getting all year long. Come in early and be efficient doing so. Our buy one and get one coupons will also be unlimited during these days.
December 2014 flyer
The Art Store & Frame & I's Christmas Eve - Wednesday, December 24th - Closing at 4PM  - We will be closing early to allow our sales team to plan accordingly for their holiday celebration.

The Art Store & Frame & I's Christmas (December 25th) - Closed for the Holidays

stickitThe Art Store's Stick to the Man Sale - December 30th & 31st - This is our annual inventory liquidation sale. The entire store will be 30% off each product's regular store price. Not on one item, the 30% is off your entire purchase from the regular store price. Did you purchase a gift certificate this year for a friend or family member? This would be a great time to let them know to come in and use it.
















 Rich coupon
Arches WC coupon June Cret coupon June Cret coupon June Cret coupon Arches oil coupon

Don't miss the coupons above!

best promo

*The Art Store is offering a price match to a reputable online retailer on Jack Richeson Best Easels. Request an estimate, all estimates must include the shipping costs as if you ordered these great easels from these non-local retailers. Purchase this same easel from us. You then can pick-up your new easel from our store. Shop Local! Keep the local economy strong!

We are 100% independent and locally owned. Did you know that when you shop independent, locally owned businesses like ours you help keep your money in our community, and help maintain our unique identity as a city? We don't farm out jobs; we use goods and services from other local businesses; we rent, buy and play locally; and our sales tax dollars stay here at home. Come check us out!

Come in today, and find out why “from beginning to end, we’re an artist’s best friend”!

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